Enjoy this selection of free files.  Each file is free and safe for your download.   The suggestions in these files are positive suggestions and none of these files contain "curse" suggestions or a suggestion that you *must* buy more files from me or else suffer negative effects.  I do want you to feel positively toward my voice, and I do suggest this, but I think that this would happen even if I didn't directly suggest it to happen.  Why not find out?


This test of hypnotic suggestibility is familiar to a lot of people, but new to you if you have no experience with hypnosis. It is so well known because it is so effective for helping people have a simple and swift trance experience. This works for almost everyone.  

 05:49 - background music



This 18 minute file encourages relaxation and acts as a positive reset for stress and negative emotion.  It is very paced, progressive and soothing. There are some Domme control suggestions and subliminals, and some suggestions that you feel happy in response to my files, but any addiction suggestions are mitigated by the idea that your life is not negatively affected in any way.  Contains Binaural beats.*

18:13 - background music, effects, binaural beats



This file gives the listener an instant / rapid trance command. The trigger can be shared with any woman the listener trusts to put him or her into a trance.  Training a few times with  POSITIVE PAUSE first is recommended, as it will help boost the efficacy of this file, but it's not absolutely mandatory.   Contains Binaural beats.

13:32 - background music, effects, isochronic beats*



This is a fetish erotic hypnosis file for men who have an appreciation for black back seamed stockings. It doesn't reference crossdressing, but it isn't incompatible with crossdressing either. 

 This file reinforces and deepens this fetish to an obsession point and a huge sexual turn on. It is mainly a trigger installation file - when your female partner (Mistress, distance Mistress, Niteflirt lady of choice, whomever you tell about your triggers) teases you about your huge fetish for suspenders and stockings, you will have an achingly hard erection for the entire time she teases you. 

 She has only to say pointed phrases about your black nylon fetish, and you will stay hard and desperate the whole time, feeling very open and free to beg for orgasm and confess your perversions. 

You will stay hard until she stops using the triggering language. 

 The suggestions of submission to Madame Y are minimal, but there is a manipulative moment at the end.  Nothing too intensely tricky, just that you do a small favour for me. :)   Music + Binaurals*  23 Min. 


THE CINDERELLA EFFECT (End Posthypnotic Suggestion at Midnight)

Want to be a slave or a slut or a bimbo or (???)  - but not FOREVER?

There are some pretty intense files out there. They're usually the good ones. But they're often labeled PERMANENT or they're about enslaving you to a woman completely and you're just not sold on her, but you want to investigate.  Here's your answer!

This pre-induction or induction can be used in advance of any file you'd like to try, but have avoided because of "permanent effects" - Whatever you listen to after this induction will reverse at midnight on that same day. (Hence the "Cinderella Effect") You can experience the hypnosis as intensely as you'd like because you don't need to worry about negative consequence (beyond the scope of midnight that day.) 

 You will have to use this file prior to the other file, or your effects will be as stated in the "permanent" file  - permanent! 

 9m 15  - music, effects,  binaurals*



Brainwave entrainment is best avoided by those with pacemakers, seizure events, pregnant women and some other medically vulnerable others. Please use caution and consult a doctor if you are concerned about the risks of hypnosis.